Out of the Box _ Storage solutions

Angelica Centeno January 2012


On this post I like to get out of the BOX when it comes to storage solutions. As always I like to rethink the way we interact with the objects we are surrounded day do day, functionality no longer means ugly utilitarian object. 

"Rock'n Box" - 

"Traveller" by Anne Lorenz 

"The Rock" Mirror and storage unit by Arik Levy 

"Reveal" by Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama 

"Martin the Mule" by iBride at Zona Tortana

The HIT Gallery Hong Kong 

Angelica Centeno January 2012


HIT Gallery is unique concept store in the Times Square shopping center in Hong Kong designed by Milan-based architect and designer, Fabio Novembre. The store is a play of surrealism, the symmetrical structure with one dominant hue offset-ed by a two tone flooring defies classification and becomes the perfect stage and backdrop to the brands sold at the store. 

A T E L I E R  


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